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Early open for Sparena

Early open for Sparena

Sparena will start early morning opening from Dec. 10th.

Open hour: 6:30am ~ 20:30pm (last enter 20:00)

Restaurant: 7:00am~9:00am(Breakfast) / 12:00~20:00(L.O. 19:30)

Onsen: 3:00~20:30(Last enter 20:00) 

Onsen bath open from 13:00pm Can not use in the morning Relax room open from 6:30~20:30


Nozawa onsen ski field open!

Nozawa onsen ski field open!

 Dear customer

Finally we had snow fall at last night.

We will limited open the ski course. Please see the open information below.

◆Open Course

KOKENASHI-A  200m  8:55~15:50

KOKENASHI-B  200m  8:55~15:50

◆Lift Open

NAGASAKA GONDOLA  8:40~15:30 (Last  16:00)

SKY LINE PAIR LIFT  8:55~15:50

Please use NAGASAK GONDOLA for down loading.

Still have bush in ski course. Please be aware for riding.

*Please note it's not groomed.

2018-2019 Season Pass now on sale!!

Lot of special benefits comes with the season pass!

Please see below for special benefits.

  Regular season pass Adult:\63,000      Child: \50,000     Senior: \57,000
      Application period Oct. 1st 2018 ~ Feb.17th 2019

 Spring season pass    Adult:\32,000  Child:\20,000 Senior:\26,000 
    Application period Feb. 1st 2019~

   ☆Season pass special benefits(Must show the season pass)☆
Free parking for day parking
Discount for using Nozawa onsen Sparena  :Normal \700(adult) →\600 
Japan ski museum discount. Normal:\300(adult)→\240 
You can receive special benefit at supported restaurants, accommodations & souvenir shops in village. (Supported shops only)
Can use in night skiing as well. 
You can receive \1,000 discount at Togari onsen, Madarao kogen, Kijimadaira, Sakae club and Kitashiga ryuo 1day lift ticket.
You can purchase Sakae club ski resort 1day(weekday only) lift ticket by \1,000.

Application method

Please prepare below documents.
1: Please fill the application form
2: Face picture heigh40cm×wide30cm (No cap, no sunglass)
  *Please write your name at back of picture
  *You can send the picture by e-mail (JPG) or CD.
  *You can take the picture at season pass ticket center. (free)
  *You can use last season's picture, if you purchase last season's season pass.
  *Please use clear picture. If it's not clear, we offer to re-take the picture.
3:Season pass fee 

Bank transfer
1:Please send all of above documents and copy bank transfer record.

Purchase at season pass window
Please bring above documents and season pass fee. 

Operation period might be change due to snow condition.
We can Not refund the season pass fee in any reason.
It must need to sign using policy of season pass to purchase season pass.

How to receive the season pass
1:You can choose by mail or come to ticket center
2:It need least 3days or more to send the season pass after the application.
3:First sending day will be end of Nov.
4:It can issue in same day after we open.
5:Spring pass can be issue after 1st of March

2018-2019 personal season pass application form is below.


Shiga kogen×Nozawaonsen BIG2 PASS Now on sale!

Shiga kogen×Nozawaonsen BIG2 PASS Now on sale!

We now start sale the "BIG2 PASS" from 10th of Oct.

It only sales 1,000 passes. Please hurry to buy!

Season pass period will be beginning of ski field to May 6th.

Application form↓

10/03 Festival of Lights at Hikage Base Area

On Saturday 10th March at 7pm, Nozawa Snow Resort will hold the 'Festival of Lights' at the Hikage base. 

The area will be transformed with a candle and lantern display on the beginner slopes and a purpose built snow stage in the centre of the base area that will host a variety of performances. Starting with a large game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', prizes will be on offer to winning members of the audience! Afterwards, fire dancers will perform an exciting spectacle with a variety of flaming instruments before the crowd will move to the base of the Hikage Quad slope.


Under bright floodlights, our ski school will then showcase the progression of skiing technique and equipment from the 1900's up until modern day, demonstrating on the piste how different skis were used throughout the years. Finally the lights will dim and a long line of our torch bearing instructors will snake down the mountain, culminating in a big fireworks display under the night sky.


After the ceremony the grooming machines will park by the beginner area for you to sit in and take pictures! See below for images of last year's event.


Come and join us for an enjoyable event that promises to be great fun! 




Festival of Light 2017_16.jpg
Festival of Light 2017_14.jpgFestival of Light 2017_15.jpgFestival of Light 2017_1.jpg

Top area is now open

March 2nd 10:00am
Nagasaka gondola, Uenotaira quad lift, Yamabiko quad lift & Yamabiko quad is now open!

Top of mountain area is temporary closed

March 2nd. 8:55am
Nagasaka gondola, Uenotaira quad lift, Yamabiko quad lift & Yamabiko No.2 quad lift is temporary suspended due to strong wind.

Apologize for inconvenience. 

Burton Snowboard 2019 Model

Burton Snowboard Test Ride Tour in Hikage area!

1st test ride tour of Burton Snowboard in this season.
It's chance to ride the 2018-2019 model snowboard before anyone else!!

Term:  Feb. 10th & Feb.11th
Place: Hikage area(Next to the Hikage gondola)
Time:  9:00am~15:00pm

Please Note! It must need the ID for rental the new model. TestRideLogo.gif

Early open in this weekend

In this long weekend 10th,11th,&12th we will open 30min earlier!

Nagasaka Gondola 8:10am~
Hikage Gondola      8:10am~
Bottom area's lifts   8:00am~
U Road                   8:00am~
Shinyu pair lift        8:00am~

Ticket center          7:30am~
Rental shop(Salomon station) 7:30~
Shop                7:30~

Night Ski in Nagasaka!

In this weekend, Nagasaka night skiing will open two days!
In this long weekend, Nagasaka night skiing will open 10th sat. & 11th sun!
Please enjoy the fantastic night ski field.

Price: Adult¥1,600  Child¥850

Time: 17:00~20:00

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