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10/03 Festival of Lights at Hikage Base Area

On Saturday 10th March at 7pm, Nozawa Snow Resort will hold the 'Festival of Lights' at the Hikage base. 

The area will be transformed with a candle and lantern display on the beginner slopes and a purpose built snow stage in the centre of the base area that will host a variety of performances. Starting with a large game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', prizes will be on offer to winning members of the audience! Afterwards, fire dancers will perform an exciting spectacle with a variety of flaming instruments before the crowd will move to the base of the Hikage Quad slope.


Under bright floodlights, our ski school will then showcase the progression of skiing technique and equipment from the 1900's up until modern day, demonstrating on the piste how different skis were used throughout the years. Finally the lights will dim and a long line of our torch bearing instructors will snake down the mountain, culminating in a big fireworks display under the night sky.


After the ceremony the grooming machines will park by the beginner area for you to sit in and take pictures! See below for images of last year's event.


Come and join us for an enjoyable event that promises to be great fun! 




Festival of Light 2017_16.jpg
Festival of Light 2017_14.jpgFestival of Light 2017_15.jpgFestival of Light 2017_1.jpg

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