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Mountain Base Area

Of course the mountain base area has wide and gentle terrain that is suited to children who are skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort has three main entrances: the Hikage Base, which is accessible from the spa town via Yu-road; the Nagasaka Base, which is easily accessible by car from the new parking lot; and the Karasawa Base, which has both medium and gentle terrains.
If you need a rest, you can take a break in the rest houses that are adjacent to each trail.
Additionally, a free rest station for kids called the "Naski Room" has been opened on the 2nd floor of the Hikage Information Center.

Uenotaira Snow Park & Halfpipe

Altitude 1,220 – 1,410m
Distance 2,000m
Opening Period Late December–May 6
Uenotaira Snow Park in Uenotaira Trail attracts many snowboarders and free skiers.
The snow park is about 2km long, and has many items of varying types and levels, such as a kicker, box, rail, half pipe, and wave.

Half pipe

The half pipe is set up at the bottom of the Uenotaira Trail.

Powder Snow Area

Trails with high-quality powder snow Nozawa Onsen village is well-known for having the heaviest snowfall in Nagano Prefecture.
With the recent surge in the popularity of powder snow, this village has been attracting many skiers and snowboarders seeking its superb powder—not only from across Japan, but from all over the world.
You will particularly enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the powder snow in the mountain top area, where the maximum snow accumulation may be more than 5m.
Yamabiko Area
Grand Prix Course / Jumping Course
Mukobayashi Course / Hachiman Course
Hikage-no-Kabe(Hikage Wall)
Kurokura Course
Ushikubi Course
Schneider Course
Utopia Course
Challengingly steep wall of 39 degrees

Course Map

Recommended courses

Yamabiko Area1300m

5 different courses can be found in this area at the very top of the resort. On a sunny day stunning panoramic views right to the Japan sea can be experienced! You can ski here right up until the start of May

Altitude: 1366m~1650m
Yamabiko Area
Skyline Course4500m

One of the longest runs at Nozawa extending from the Yamabiko area following the ridge all the way to the bottom of the resort.

Altitude: 565m~1450m
Skyline Course
Uenotaira Area2000m

Great snow conditions, wide runs and gentle slopes makes this the perfect area for novices. Easily accessible from both gondolas with a great half pipe and park section.

Altitude: 1220m~1410m
Uenotaira Area
Paradise Area1200m

Great family area with wide runs, gentle slopes, great views and some good restaurants.

Altitude: 1075m~1230m
Paradise Area
Schneider Area1500m

An experts course with steeps up to 32deg and falling 375m.

Altitude: 700m~1075m
Schneider Area
39deg. Wall Challenge300m

This is Nozawa’s steepest run with 39deg slope. Bliss on fresh powder morning!

39deg Wall Challenge
Challenge course1200m

A good intermediate to adnvanced course with a bit of width and variation of terrain.

Altitude: 735m~1075m
Challenge course
Forest Course5000m

Nozawa’s longest course running the length of the Hikgae gondola. Perfect for novices and families.

Altitude: 660m~1075m
Forest Course
Utopia Area750m

Accessible from the Scneider course this is typcially a steep mogul run for those of you that love bumps.

Altitude: 675m~900m
Utopia Area
Hikage Area600m

One of Nozawa main course areas easily accessible via the Yu-road. Here you can find the ski school, kids areas and day care service.

Altitude: 660m~790m
Hikage Area
Karasawa Area3000m

A wide gentle slope (8deg) makes this a great beginners area. The No 2 car park is also found here and you can easily access the Nagasaka gondola via the double lift.

Altitude: 565m~970m
Karasawa Area
Uenotaira Snowpark2000m

This park area is made with beginners in mind. All the items are perfect for your first dabut in the park world.

Altitude: 1220m~1410m
Uenotaira Snowpark

Recommended for Families!

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort has an incredible 36 trails, about 40% of which are for beginners. This resort's greatest appeal lies in the gentle trails running through the mountain top area. Two gondola-type lifts connect the Hikage and Nagasaka Trails to the Uenotaira and Paradise Trails.
These trails are very wide and gentle, and because the temperature up here is lower than at the base of the mountain, the snow quality is superb. Safe and secure four-seater lifts with safety bars run along the trails.

After skiing in the mountain top area, you can head down the forest trail from the Paradise Trail. Alternatively, if you don't feel confident enough to tackle the steep terrain, you take one of the gondola-type lifts back down to the base of the mountain.

Much Fun! Safe! Complete facilities!Yumin & Kids Park!

Nozawa Onsen Ski Area makes the "Yumin" day care nursery and the free-of-charge "Kids Park" available to visitors with small children to allow the parents to enjoy skiing without worrying about their little ones. Just in front of Hikage Information Center. From the spa town, use the free "Yu-road" moving walkway.
From the Nagasaka Trail, use the free "Naski-Go" sleigh snowmobile.
Naski-Go runs as demand dictates from just below Nagasaka Station. Naski-Go operate from Dec 16th to April 1st.
Phone: +81 269 85 2133

Day care shuttle service(Naski-Go)

Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Stops Front of Nagasaka gondola <===> Front of Hikage Information Center
Enquiries TEL:0269-85-2133

Kids Park

A fun area full of inflatibles and play items. A magic carpet lets you access the tubing area and there is also a great learners slope for the young ones.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Location Hikage Information Center 2F
Hours 9:00 - 16:00 * Weather dependent
Price Free

Sledding and Tubing

There are 3 free sledding areas for kids to have fun.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Location Hikage area (in front of ski school)
Top of Hikage gondola (Uenotaira area)
Nagasaka gondola yamabiko area
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