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Yumin Day Care Center

Feel at ease with the professional staff at Yumin. Your kids will love the place!
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Location Hikage Information Center (2F)
Hours 9:00〜12:00 / 13:00〜16:00
Fee ¥4,000/day (¥3,000 from the second day on for those who continue to use the service for multiple days);
¥2,500/half day; ¥1,000/hour; morning and afternoon refreshments provided.
Ages Children 1 to 6 years old
Capacity Up to 20 people
Point system Earn 1 point per child per day in day car. 10 points get a free 1 day lift ticket.

Free Kids play area - Naski room

Located on the 2F of the ski school the Naski room is the perfect space for kids to take a break.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Location Hikage Information Center (Ski school) 2F
Hours 9:00~16:00
Price Free

Nozawa Onsen Spa arena(TEL:0269-85-4567)

Just 1 minute away from the No 1 and 2 carparks! Spa arena is the perfect way to unwind on one day off riding on the mountain.
Outdoor hot springs, giant baths, restaurant and relaxation room awaits to sooth those tired muscles.
Entrance Fee Adults 700yen (Junior high school and above)
Kids 500yen (age 3ys to primary school)
Rental Swimwear 300yen (1000yen bond required)
Bath towel 200yen   Face towel 100yen
Hours >Winter: Dec - March  - No holidays

Time 6:30~20:30
Hot springs 13:00~20:30,
Restaurant 7:00〜9:00(breakfast)/12:00~20:00(LO 19:30)

*Nov 5-16 is closed due to cleaning
Parking 100 cars
Enquiries 6748,Toyosato,Nozawa onsen,Shimotakaigun,Nagano,Japan
TEL:0269-85-4567  FAX:0269-85-4569
Nozawa Sparina Open Hours
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  6:30am~9:00am 9:00am~12:00pm 12:00pm~13:00pm 13:00pm~20:00pm
SPA × × ×
7:00am OPEN
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  Normal price Discount with lift ticket (1 day)
Adult (From Junior high school) 700yen 600yen
Kids (3- primary) 500yen 400yen
Powder room
Inside bath
Outdoor bath
Elevated outdoor bath
Relaxation room
Restaurant Chantel
Restaurant Chantel
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Garlic beef steak with nozawana rice¥1,400
Curry rice with pork cutlet¥1,100
Grilled curry rice with three kinds of cheese¥1,100
Tempura rice bowl¥1,100
Nozawana & pork with kimuchi rice bowl¥950
Pork cutlet plate¥1,200
Beef rice bowl¥800
Beef rice bowl with soft boiled egg¥900
Soy source noodle¥800
Salt soup Ra-men with vegetables and sliced pork¥950
Miso soup Ra-men with vegetable and sliced pork¥950
Tempura soba¥950
Tempura udon¥950
Wild vegetable soba¥750
Wild vegetable udon¥750
Nozawana pepperoncino¥800
pizza Margherita¥1,300
Bacon & onion pizza¥1,300
Nozawana pizza¥1,300
Japanese style pizza with local mushrooms¥1,300
Large size¥150
Morning only
Morning curry¥600
Morning plate¥500

Outdoor pool in summer

Waterfall Pool
Elevated terrace

Convention Hall Usage

A state of the art convention hall that seats 500.
Translation room, projection faciltiies and modern design make this the perfect location for meetings and seminars but the space can also be used for events and parties.
Hall entrance
Main hall
Meeting room
Image of the hall in use
Party image
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Area AM8:30
Main hall area 50,000yen 25,000yen 25,000yen 30,000yen
Meeting room only 5,000yen 2,500yen 2,500yen 3,000yen
Other costs Please ask for the details. Phone:0269-85-4567

Japan ski museum

Japan ski musuem
Not only a ski history in Japan but a collection from around the world that shows the history of the sport.
The fascinating evolution of snow sports around the world presented with pictures, artifacts and movies.
Open days Everyday Thursdays
Entrance Adults 300yen Kids 150yen
Access Located in the Hikage area below the Isemiya course. Take the Yu road to Hikage area or access from the slopes.
Hours 9:00~16:00
Enquiries TEL:0269-85-3418
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  Normal price Accommodation discount Group discount Handicap discount
Adult,Seniors 300yen 240yen 240yen 150yen
Kids 150yen 120yen 120yen 80yen
*Group discount for 20 people or more

Tuneup and sports shops


Based in the Nagasaka gondola, Glatt can sort you out with a quick wax or a full race tuneup. Leave it to the pros to tweak your gear to peak perfomance.

Shop Info

Hours Nov 23 - May 6 8:00 - 17:00
Location Nagasaka gondola 1F
Enquiries GLATT TEL:0269-85-1070
Email :


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Menu Contents Price
Quick wax 5 minute machine wax ¥1,500
Base wax Hot wax done by hand ¥2,000
Racing wax Professional race wax with wax crafted for conditions. ¥3,000
Full tuning and repair also available. Please enquire for details.


The one stop shop for all of your needs on the mountain; hats, goggles, gloves, wax and much more.
Easily accessed inside the bottom of the Nagasaka gondola.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Hours 8:00~16:30

Cafe Servus

Convenietly located at the top of the Nagasaka gondola this mini shop has all those last minute items.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Hours 9:00~15:30

Hikage Shop

Another mini shop inside the Hikage ski center.
Open days Dec 14 - Mar 29
Hours 8:30~17:00
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